How Do I Know if I Have the Right Defense Lawyer?

How Do I Know if I Have the Right Defense Lawyer?Most people will hire a lawyer only once or twice during their lifetime. In some cases, a client may never know if the attorney did a good or a bad job for them. However, when you need a criminal defense attorney, choosing the wrong one can have grave consequences.

If you’re accused of a crime or are under investigation for a crime, you have the right to legal counsel. Choosing the right defense counsel can help get you a fair outcome, even if you committed the offense in question.

Why You Need a Good Defense Lawyer

A good defense attorney will investigate the charges brought against you and protect your rights under the law. They might be able to have the charges reduced or dismissed if there was a violation of your civil rights.

If the evidence is overwhelming, they might persuade the prosecutor to negotiate a fair plea agreement. Prosecutors are often more willing to negotiate with the defense attorney than with the defendant.

This is because they know the defense attorney understands the law and the weaknesses in the state’s case and could take the case to trial. When you face a serious criminal charge, you need an advocate who will use every potential defense to get you out of jail.

Signs That You’ve Hired a Good Defense Attorney

When your criminal charges involve a potentially lengthy prison term or expensive fines, you want to be sure you’ve hired the right defense attorney to handle your case. While the nature and severity of the charges will factor into how the case is handled, you should expect your attorney to meet certain criteria.

  • The attorney should have experience with the type of charge you’re facing. In other words, a lawyer who specializes in corporate fraud is not the best choice if you have been charged with assault and battery.
  • You are comfortable speaking openly with your attorney and will tell them when you don’t like the way something is being handled.
  • The attorney explains things in a way that you understand.
  • Your attorney appears confident in the courtroom.
  • You can reach your attorney with questions, and they respond promptly to reasonable requests.
  • Your defense attorney listens to your story, so they know and understand your situation. This helps them tailor an individualized defense strategy.
  • Your lawyer thinks outside the box to resolve the case by negotiating with the prosecutor to dismiss the charges, reduce the charges, or enter a plea bargain.
  • Your defense attorney will take the time to explain the pros and cons of the options you have and help you reach a decision that will work toward your goals.
  • Your attorney behaves professionally. They are not late to court, and they are not rude to you or other individuals.
  • The law firm has the support staff and resources to handle the cases they take.
  • Your attorney does not make promises or guarantees, and they do not have a reputation for avoiding court.
  • Your defense attorney explains the legal consequences and concepts of the defense strategy being used in your case.

How to Find a Good Defense Lawyer

How Do I Know if I Have the Right Defense Lawyer?It is important to know what to look for in a defense attorney and how to find them. The process of finding a criminal defense attorney may be foreign to you. You may not know what to expect from your attorney or the criminal justice system.

Whether your charge is minor or major, it is a serious matter in your life. The long-term consequences of a criminal charge or conviction are significant.

You might start your search for a criminal defense attorney with a referral from friends or family. However, your circle of friends may not want to publicize that they needed a criminal defense attorney. Consider expanding your search using online resources. Once you have narrowed your choice, schedule a consultation. You must feel comfortable speaking to your criminal defense attorney about all aspects of the charge. Here are some factors to consider during your initial consultation:

  • Ask a lot of questions during the initial consultation. This ensures you’ll see the lawyer’s personality and gives you an opportunity to see how you interact together.
  • The best relationships are collaborative. When the client and attorney are involved in the decision-making process together, the relationship becomes a partnership. Be sure you feel comfortable forming a partnership with this individual.
  • Ask questions about their involvement in the criminal case. Will they assign work to another attorney who has less experience, or would a paralegal be doing most of the work?
  • How many times have they been before a jury trial or taken a case all the way to a verdict?
  • How often do they work out a plea agreement for a lesser charge?
  • Are they willing to do the research to present a comprehensive argument for leniency to the prosecutor?
  • What are the fees, and do they offer a payment plan?

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