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Mark Lassiter Explains Texas Gun Laws to bsndenver.com

Dallas gun crime attorney Mark T. Lassiter was tapped by Colorado sports website bsndenver.com about possible charges faced by Aqib Talib of the Denver Broncos. Talib was shot in the right leg on June 5th. The location of the shooting is disputed. The official police report indicates that Talib and two other individuals were assaulted […] Read more

Fake weapons being used to commit crimes in Texas

Police Lieutenant Christopher Cook of the Arlington Police Department said that police officers in his precinct have witnessed the trend of suspects in crimes intentionally carrying imitation weapons, such as BB guns, rather than the authentic machinery. Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association member Jon Convery said that there have not been many court cases involving criminal behavior using a fake gun, […] Read more

Suspect in Old East Dallas shooting of child says he wasn’t in the area

Aaron Mitchell, the primary suspect in the shooting of a 12-year-old boy, said that he is being wrongly accused in a jailhouse interview on July 21st. Mitchell claims he wasn’t near the Old East Dallas area that day and that he doesn’t even know of the streets where the crime occurred, near Washington Avenue and […] Read more

Over 170 people still facing charges in Waco biker shooting

Over 170 individuals still have serious criminal charges to their names six weeks after the fatal shooting at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, according to the Wall Street Journal on July 3. Members of rival biker gangs became involved in a fatal shooting on May 17, resulting in a huge amount of arrests. However, some […] Read more

Millionaire Robert Durst indicted on firearm charges in Louisiana

Seventy-one-year-old New York City real estate heir Robert Alan Durst was indicted on April 8 by a grand jury in New Orleans, Louisiana for the possession of firearms by a felon and possession of both a firearm and an illegal drug, which was 5 ounces of marijuana, KTTC reported. Durst’s attorneys said the charges have forced him to stay in […] Read more

Texas man sentenced to probation after accidental shooting

On Monday, February 3 District Court Judge Bobby Flores sentenced Dustin Wesley Cook, 38, to 3 years of probation for the accidental shooting of 2 Edinburg teenagers. The incident happened in December of 2011 when stray bullets from Cook’s target practice hit Nicholas Tijerina and Edson Amaro. The two students were outdoors playing basketball at […] Read more