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What You Need To Know About Your Minor’s Marijuana Possession Charge

Every parent fears the call in the middle of the night: the police station telling you your child has been arrested. Or the half-defiant, half-apologetic request to come down and bail them out. “I’m really sorry, but….” After the anger and tears have subsided, you may wonder what this will mean, especially if your child […] Read more

Texas study may contribute to juvenile criminal justice reform

“Closer to Home”, a massive study of 1.3 million Texas youth crime records between 2007 and 2013, found that juvenile offenders were less likely to commit more crimes if they were reformed under community-based supervision rather than incarcerated in state correctional facilities, according to the Dallas Morning News on June 22. The study found that such a path […] Read more

Decision awaits on whether to try murder suspect as juvenile or adult

The future of a 14-year-old girl, who has been accused of drowning the infant daughter of her mother’s family friend, will depend greatly on whether she is tried as a juvenile or an adult, The Dallas Morning News reported on April 10. Texas District Judge Cheryl Lee Shannon recently heard arguments on whether the teenager, […] Read more

“Juveniles in justice system deserve a second chance”

Advocates of juvenile justice are pushing for reform in the way minors are treated in the criminal justice system in Texas, according to an editorial on victoriaadvocate.com. Experts are urging a rehabilitation program be established for juveniles in order for them to once again become productive members of society after having been exposed to crime. […] Read more