Dallas Driving While Intoxicated Lawyers

Under Texas state law, driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious criminal offense. The consequences of a DWI conviction can be life-altering, often resulting in license suspension, substantial fines, probation, or even prison time. At the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, our driving while intoxicated lawyers in Dallas understand how allegations against you are likely to be prosecuted and therefore, how to best defend against them.

If you have been charged with driving while intoxicated in the Dallas area, you may be feeling uncertain about your future; retaining the legal advice of one of our DWI lawyers could be critical to any possible reduction or elimination of the charges brought against you.

Driving While Intoxicated Penalties in Dallas

A driving while intoxicated conviction in Dallas can carry with it a frightening array of consequences. If you are found guilty of driving while intoxicated, a judge may sentence you to one or more of the following, depending on various aspects of your case:

  • Fines of up to $2,000
  • Jail time of up to 180 days
  • License suspension of up to one year

Moreover, a Dallas driving while intoxicated conviction may have serious personal and professional consequences, some of which may be exceedingly difficult to overcome. Contacting a driving while intoxicated attorney as early on as possible is essential to the success of your defense.

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