Sexual Assault

Dallas Sexual Assault Attorneys

Domestic abuse refers to an attempt to inflict power and control over a close partner. Sexual assault can be a type of domestic violence that includes rape, attempted rape, child molestation, and certain harassments or threats to a household member. At the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, our Dallas sexual assault attorneys acknowledge how serious this type of charge can be, and are prepared to make every effort to avoid unjust outcomes.

Judges will investigate any aggravating or mitigating factors to determine the sentence of a sexual assault case. Every state differs in the severity of the sentence. An aggravating factor includes claims of violence, repeated assault, or if the victim is a child. An aggravated sexual assault charge is a felony of the first degree in Texas. A conviction can lead to between five and 99 years in prison. Conversely, mitigating factors in your case can lessen the severity of the sentence or even erase the charges all together.

Sexual Assault Defenses

If you have been accused of sexual assault, it is important to be prepared with as much information as possible so that we may build a strong defense. There are many possible outcomes for the defendant of a sexual assault charge. Likewise, there are many defenses you can use as the accused party that can improve your chances of demonstrating reasonable doubt, including:

  • Consent – The accuser in a sexual assault case may lie about granting consent. Whether this lie arises in hopes of financial gain or even child custody, if we can prove that the accuser consented to the activity, then your charge will most likely be dropped.
  • Innocence – You may also simply plead innocence against your sexual assault charge. It is important to note that strong evidence must be presented in order to prove innocence, which may include DNA testing or a multitude of records. Our attorneys can work with you to build a strong alibi.
  • Insanity Defense – If you suffer from a mental illness, or did at the time of the incident, then you can build an insanity defense. Pleading an insanity defense often does not result in a guilty verdict, and certain penalties can be less severe.

We understand that the details of a sexual assault case are personal, and are capable of maintaining your rights throughout the trial. At the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, we may help you create a defense against the very serious repercussions of a sex crime conviction. While facing these charges may be stressful, our attorneys have the skills to mount a strong defense.

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