When Robbery Becomes Armed Robbery

Robbery is heavily prosecuted by Dallas attorneys primarily because of the threat of violence inherent in the crime. Because of this, when the threat of injury is aggravated by the presence of a gun or any other weapon, prosecution is more aggressively sought. When armed robbery convictions are achieved, the consequences are likely to be devastating for the accused. Aside from the long-term consequences of becoming a felon, individuals convicted of armed robbery face lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines. Therefore, retaining the services of an experienced lawyer as early in the legal process as possible can be particularly critical for those accused of armed robbery.

Legal Requirements for Robbery Charges

What differentiates robbery from other crimes like theft, burglary, and larceny is the threat of or actual injury to the alleged victim of the crime. As such, for an act to be considered robbery, the following circumstances must have existed:

  • An individual must intend to take and maintain control of another person’s property without their consent; and
  • A threat of injury, or actual injury, to another person must have occurred during the incident; and
  • A gun, or any other weapon, must be present during the incident

It is important to note that the weapon must not necessarily have been used in any way; it is simply the presence of a weapon that will escalate charges from robbery to armed robbery.

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