Facing Allegations of Bank Robbery

When an individual intends to or actually unlawfully removes money or property from any federally insured banking institution, including ATMs, they have committed bank robbery. Bank robbery is both a federal and state crime and, accordingly, may be prosecuted by either the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the state where the robbery allegedly occurred, or by both entities. As such, these charges can be highly troubling. For convicted individuals, the consequences may include a lengthy prison sentence and hefty fine, in addition to the long-term professional implications of being a felon.

Bank Robbery Sentencing Enhancements

A bank robbery conviction can be life-altering because of both the severity of criminal penalties as well as the damage to an individual’s personal and professional reputation that can occur. This is especially true for those who receive enhanced sentences. There are several circumstances that may enhance the sentencing for a bank robbery conviction, including:

  • The presence of a gun or any other weapon
  • The threat of death or injury
  • The actual injury to anyone present

Every bank robbery case is different and will present its own set of challenges; an experienced criminal defense lawyer will be able to help you address each of the particular circumstances related to your charges and assist you with the defense of each.

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