• Men accused of murder to be tried separately

    A criminal court judge ruled last Wednesday, January 11 that 22-year-old Elizabethton, Tennessee resident Aaron Charles Garland and Greeneville resident Dallas Sarden will be tried separately  in court. The two are accused of murdering 59-year-old Johnson City resident Karen K. Parker.

    Garland and Sarden requested different trials, and state prosecutors chose not to object to this motion. Parker’s body was found inside her apartment in the Westgate Village complex on Nathaniel Drive in August 2015. Garland and Sarden were charged with first-degree murder and robbery. Police said they were able to link the two men to the crime by tracking Parker’s stolen bank cards.

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  • East Texas lawyer charged with marijuana possession

    East Texas attorney Ken Keith Miller, 59, was taken into police custody on Friday, December 30 and charged with marijuana possession.

    Jail records showed Miller was booked at the Smith County jail by the Department of Public Safety and was assigned a $500 bond. He was released later in the day after posting said bond. Miller is a prominent personal injury lawyer who has offices in Tyler in Smith County.

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  • Former mortuary owner acquitted of criminal charges

    The Second District Court of Appeals in Fort Worth, Texas acquitted former mortuary owner Dondre Johnson, whose mortuary was discovered to house eight corpses in a deplorable condition, of felony theft charges.

    The court understood that Johnson acted in an “unconscionable behavior” when it came to his activities at the funeral home when he provided families with the ashes of people who were not their loved ones, but ultimately said that the case was not about that matter, and that the felony charges were about theft and fraud.

    In the opinion of the majority of the jury in mind, the court penned that there had been “no indication of deception other than the fact that we can assume the family members expected the funeral home to do its job in a workmanlike and timely manner, and it did not do so. But there is no evidence of an intent never to perform the services.”

    Tarrant County District Attorney Sharen Wilson will now deliberate whether to escalate the case to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

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  • 19-year-old woman claims KFC manager raped her when she was 16

    A 19-year-old woman, identified only as A.M., filed a complaint in Harris County Court in Texas against fast food restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC manager Sean McIntosh, and other KFC managers, on Monday, November 28, and an amended version filed Friday, December 2, said that McIntosh raped her “at hotels, at the KFC store, at the trash Dumpster, in cars, and at other off-site locations” when she was just 16 years old.

    In the legal complaint, it was added that McIntosh “made no secret of his sex acts with A.M.”, noting that manager Shawn Baker “in particular was actually told of the predation on A.M. and did nothing to stop it ‘but aided and abetted it’”.

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  • Expediting Dallas domestic violence cases aims to give victims immediate justice

    Maria Escamilla, whose ex-boyfriend raped her and took a knife to her face, breasts, and vagina, did not immediately get the justice she wanted. She had to wait for two years before she was able to face the man who violated her and left her for dead in a Dallas County court.

    A new procedure in hearing domestic violence cases could change how long defendants and victims wait for courts to resolve a particular case. According to Dallas County Criminal Court Judge Shequitta Kelly, long waits for domestic violence cases are injustices in and of themselves. She noted that “even as a prosecutor one of the first things I would say to a victim is ‘this is going to be a long road.’ And that’s pretty sad.”

    Dallas County Assistant District Attorney Brandi Mitchell said when the trial for a domestic violence case gets postponed, it gets harder to resolve the case. Sometimes, victims move and change their phone numbers. Other times, the victims and their violators reconcile, with both parties no longer interested in reopening the case, or the victim moves on and chooses to leave the case in the past.

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  • Two plead guilty to charges of engaging in organized criminal activity

    Thirty-four-year-old Dustin Kyle Garcia and 30-year-old Christopher Lee Chambers both made a guilty plea on Thursday, November 10 to charges of engaging in organized criminal activity, a first-degree felony. Chambers will spend 15 years in prison as a plea agreement for testifying against Gracia, who will spend 28 years in prison as part of another plea deal.

    Hopkins County Assistant District Attorney Clay Harrison in Texas said Garcia and Chambers, who he called “common denominators” in the theft ring, must serve half of their sentences before they can be made eligible for parole.

    Garcia and Chambers stole around $80,000 worth of all-terrain vehicles from a Nor-Tex tractor dealership in Sulphur Springs in November 2015 and stored those at the workplace of an accomplice, Harrison said. A week later they committed a similar theft in Leesville in Vernon Parish, Louisiana.

    Harrison said police authorities were able to arrest the two after an anonymous tip was sent to the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office.

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  • Minor error in evidence analysis not a hindrance to proper investigation – medical examiner

    The medical examiner’s office in Dallas County, Texas has recently announced that disclosure of an error in evidence analysis that was committed five years ago will not hamper the proper analysis of other criminal cases.

    A trial for someone who had been caught driving while intoxicated was re-set on Thursday, November 3 after a foreign chemist for the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences self-reported sometime in the last week of October that there had been an occurrence of a “sample switching” back in 2012 in regards to the case.

    Dr. Jeffrey Barnard assuaged the anxiety of local residents by saying the “sample switching” incident in 2012 had already been addressed. Defense attorneys have cited their own frustration, saying such problems hurt their client’s.

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  • When domestic violence becomes kidnapping

    It is possible for someone facing domestic violence charges to suddenly find that he or she is being accused of kidnapping too.

    A lot of domestic violence cases start with alcohol on the part of the perpetrator, statistics show. When a person with violent tendencies and an intent to commit domestic violence gets drunk, he or she sometimes resorts to imprisoning a person to prevent that person from escaping.

    When a person tries to prevent another person from leaving an area, a felony unlawful restraint or kidnapping charge can result. In the state of Texas, “unlawful restraint” is defined as “intentionally or knowingly restricting a person’s movements, without consent, so as to substantially interfere with the person’s liberty, by moving the person from one place to another or by confining the person.”

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  • School employee accused of online solicitation of a minor

    Fifty-two-year-old Jeffrey Scott Miller, who was a teacher’s aide at Trinity Meadows Intermediate School in Keller, lost his job on Friday, October 21 after he was arrested for charges of online solicitation of a minor.

    Miller was one of eight people who were arrested on suspicion of being a child predator by agents with the Texas Attorney General’s Office’s child exploitation unit and fugitive apprehension unit. Miller admitted that he communicated with who he believed to be a woman, 35, and her daughter, 14, and that he went to Rockwall to perform sexual acts with both the adult and the youth, a press release from the AG’s office showed.

    Online solicitation of a minor is a second-degree felony that carries with it a punishment of two to 20 years in jail. Investigators who pretended to be children were solicited for sex by all eight men during the sting operation.

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  • Ex-drama teacher in Fort Worth makes guilty plea to child porn charge

    24-year-old Watauga, Texas resident Matthew Anthony Keller is facing a statutory rape penalty of not less than 15 years and not more than 30 years of federal imprisonment, a $50,000 fine, and a lifetime of supervised release. These penalties come after he made a guilty plea to one count of production of child pornography on Wednesday, October 19.

    Keller, who is a former drama teacher at Southwest High School in Fort Worth, has been in prison since he was arrested in July 2016 on a related federal complaint. He is set to be sentenced by United States District Judge Terry Means on March 2, 2017. According to documents filed in reference to the case, the parents of the victim notified a police department in Macomb County, Michigan when they discovered their 15-year-old daughter was having a long-distance relationship with Keller. They were further worried when they found out that Keller had intentions to fly to Michigan from Texas to have sexual encounters with their child.

    When a search warrant was issued to search Keller’s room, police investigators found sexually explicit videos of the minor victim.

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  • Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton acquitted of fraud charges

    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was acquitted of civil charges of securities fraud brought against him by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC says Paxton encouraged investors to give money in a misleading and unlawful way to McKinney-based Software company Servergy while serving as a state legislator.

    In a 29-page ruling written by United States District Judge Amos Mazzant III, Mazzant acknowledged that Paxton “actively recruited investors” for Servergy without telling said investors that he would be profiting from commissions he would receive from their investments. However, the judge says that the action is only legally relevant if the undisclosed information “renders [a] statement false or misleading,”

    According to the lawsuit, Paxton raised $840,000 from investors for Servergy, in exchange for 100,000 shares of the company’s stock from its chief executive officer at the time, William Mapp III. Paxton’s attorneys said he was not required to register with the SEC because he was not an “investment adviser representative.” The ruling will not affect the outcome of the similar state criminal charges that Paxton faces on the same issues. The SEC gave no indication of how they will respond on this matter.

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  • Harris County considering relocation of juvenile inmates

    Executives at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Texas are discussing transferring 17-year-old inmates to a vacant Limestone County facility to separate them from adults, as required by the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act.

    In May 2016, a federal inspector discovered that Harris County had no immediate plan to comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act, as its 17-year-old inmates “are still housed with adult offenders in a non-compliant fashion.” Limestone County Judge Daniel Burkeen said “It’s never as convenient to keep inmates outside your county, but sometimes it’s necessary.” Juvenile justice advocates say shipping teenagers so far from Harris County punishes them and their families.

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