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Theft and robbery charges can be applied to a wide range of actions, including everything from the theft of physical property to money to a person’s identity. In an effort to deter such actions from occurring in the future, law enforcement officials are often extremely aggressive in the way they treat and prosecute those accused of theft or robbery offenses. Unfortunately, this often results in false accusations, infringements on the rights and freedoms of those accused of such crimes, and unfair punishments for those convicted.

Fortunately, with the help of an experienced attorney, individuals accused of theft or robbery charges may be able to have their charges dismissed entirely or in reduced in severity. At the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, we know how frightening it can be for Dallas residents to face such charges, but want anyone in this situation to know that they have legal protections under the law.

Theft and Robbery Charges

Attorney Mark Lassiter has considerable experience with theft and robbery cases, both as a defense attorney and as a prosecutor. With his experience at the Dallas County District Attorney’s office, he has unique insight into how these cases are prosecuted and is ready to put this information to use defending individuals facing charges such as:

Being convicted of any of the above charges can have life-altering effects, but fortunately, if you are facing any of these, or other theft / robbery charges, you do not have to fight them on your own.

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