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Even though Texas has some of the most liberal gun laws in the country, there are still state and national laws that restrict the ownership of certain types of weapons, in addition to how and where these weapons can be carried and transported. Being charged with violating any of these regulations can have significant effects on an individual’s livelihood, so if you are facing weapons charges of any kind in the state of Texas, you cannot afford to take chances with your defense.

Guns are an extremely controversial political topic, and unfortunately, individuals who find themselves accused of weapons charges often risk being made an example of by law enforcement officials, making effective criminal defense all the more important. At the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, our legal team has been helping individuals in Dallas facing weapons-related charges for years, and we know what it takes to protect your rights and your good name in the face of a weapons-related accusation.

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Do I Need a Weapons Charge Lawyer?

When you’re facing a weapons charge, even if you know you are innocent, do not assume that it will all work itself out. Without a Dallas weapons crime lawyer on your side, you may miss the opportunity to fight for your rights. You may not understand how to present valuable defenses that may exonerate you. Unfortunately, even though you’re innocent until proven guilty, you must still respond to the charges against you. The police and the state’s attorney want you to be convicted. However, just because they say you’re guilty doesn’t mean that a jury of your peers will find you guilty. You have the right to try your weapons charges case and assert every defense that applies.

There are many ways to approach a weapons charge. Constitutional defenses, factual defenses, and questions of interpretation of the law may assist you in your defense. With a weapons charge lawyer by your side, you know that you’re bringing the best possible defense to the charges. Only an experienced attorney can guide you through the process, ensure that no detail goes unnoticed, and give you the best chance of facing a reduced sentence or a not-guilty verdict.

Why Choose Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter

At Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, we have a wealth of experience that can work to your advantage if you’re facing weapons charges in the Dallas area. Our leader, Mark T. Lassiter, J.D., is a graduate of the South Texas College of Law and a former Dallas prosecutor. He has extensive experience with criminal charges in Texas, including all types of weapons charges. With years of experience in the trenches of criminal law, Mark Lassiter knows the details of each weapons charge in the state of Texas. He knows what defenses are successful in fighting weapons charges and what mistakes the police often make when they charge individuals.

Mark Lassiter is a board member of the Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and a member of the Criminal Law Committee for the Dallas Association for Young Lawyers. He is admitted to practice in the State of Texas and before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals for the United States. He is also a member of the Bar of the U.S. Supreme Court. His commitment to excellence in criminal law and his dedication to providing each person the best possible defense can be exactly what you need when you’re facing a weapons charge.

Common Weapons Offenses

Texas law restricts gun ownership and possession in several circumstances. Despite the Second Amendment protecting your right to bear arms, Texas law limits your right to carry weapons in certain locations or if you’ve been convicted of a felony. From violating Concealed Handgun License restrictions to being found in possession of an illegal weapon, there are a wide variety of criminal charges that one could face in relation to weapons ownership, sale, or transportation. Some of the most common of these offenses include:

A conviction on any of the above could have significant effects on your personal rights and freedoms, making it difficult for you to find employment, further your education, and even find a place to live. As such, if you are facing these or any other weapons charges, take action today to get the best defense possible.

What Are the Possible Defenses to Gun Crimes in Dallas?

Even though Texas law restricts gun ownership and possession in some ways, if you’re facing a gun charge, there still may be viable defenses available to you. For example, under Texas law, starting on January 1, 2016, licensed handgun owners can openly carry their weapons in the state of Texas in many circumstances. Click here if you were arrested for violating Texas’ open carry laws.

Weapons laws are complex. Sometimes, even the police may not understand them. You may have the right to possess the weapon, and the police may have charged you in error. The defense to your weapons charge may be asking the court or the jury to interpret the law properly and correct any misunderstandings associated with the circumstances involved in the charges against you.

You can also defend yourself based on a lack of proof of the charges against you. Each weapons charge depends on elements that are specific to the charges against you. For example, the police must show actual possession for most types of weapons offenses. Demonstrating possession is often more complex than the police like to admit. If the firearm is simply near you or someone may have planted it in your car or home, the police may not be able to prove the charges.

The U.S. Constitution may protect you from a weapons charge, so constitutional defenses may also apply in your case. In addition to your right to bear arms, you also have the right to be free from unlawful search and seizure under the U.S. Constitution. Your attorney can help you determine if a constitutional defense applies and how to assert your legal rights.

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A weapons charge can result in a significant interruption in your life. Don’t take a weapons charge sitting down. You can fight back by mounting the strongest possible defense. Mark T. Lassiter and our legal team have the skills to represent you if you’re facing a weapons charge in the Greater Dallas area.

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