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With highly-publicized national campaigns warning against the dangers of drunk driving, law enforcement officers have turned to aggressively pursuing and prosecuting those suspected of committing a variety of alcohol-related offenses. Unfortunately, this zeal often results in wrongful arrests, mishandled cases, and a variety of other problems and mistakes that can put an accused individual’s rights and freedoms in jeopardy.


Because of the way that alcohol-related crimes are treated in the state of Texas, the consequences of a conviction can have far-reaching effects on an individual’s life, affecting employment opportunities, residency, finances, and a person’s most basic rights and freedoms. At the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, we understand the full effects that an alcohol-related conviction in Dallas could have on your life. Mark T. Lassiter is one of the most respected and widely-recognized Dallas DWI lawyers in the state, and he knows what it takes to mount a strong, effective defense against the charges you are facing.

Alcohol-related Offenses

There are a wide range of alcohol-related charges that individuals can face, all of which carry potentially devastating consequences if an individual is convicted. Make sure you have the representation necessary to protecting yourself and your future when facing the following alcohol offenses:

Whether it is for a first or repeat offense, if you have been arrested and charged with an alcohol-related crime, you need an experienced Dallas DWI lawyer in your corner fighting for you.

Protecting Your License

When a person is arrested for an alcohol-related driving offense in the state of Texas, they frequently risk losing their license. Unfortunately, being unable to legally drive can have serious effects on your life, including making it difficult, if not impossible, to get to and from work. Fortunately, there are ways you can protect your license or retain the right to drive legally, including:

  • Driver’s License Hearings
  • Administrative License Revocation (ALR)
  • Occupational Driver’s Licenses

While there are things that can be done to protect your license, you only have a limited amount of time to take action, making it critical to get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible.

5 Tips for DUI Defense in Texas

If you’ve made the mistake of having one too many drinks before getting behind the wheel, there is a likelihood of getting charged with a DUI. An officer may have you do a field sobriety test or blow into a breathalyzer to test your blood alcohol content (BAC) if they pull you over. You may go to jail and have a DUI on your record if you exhibit clear signs of intoxication or your BAC is above the legal limit.

While a DUI is definitely not an ideal situation, there are options at hand to help you. When you use the right strategies post-DUI, you can minimize the negative impacts that this situation will have on your future.

Here are 5 tips to minimize the impact of your recent DUI in Texas:

When pulled over, don’t be your own worst enemy

The evidence is about to pile up against you the moment you’re pulled over after drinking unless you consciously decide not to work against yourself. The officer will ask you questions and may ask you to perform some field sobriety tests, like walking the line, but remember that you always have the right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself. Be cooperative, but don’t give the officer any evidence that they can use against you later.

Hire a good attorney

This may go without saying, but your first step in minimizing the negative impacts of your recent DUI is hiring a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to back your case. Do your research to find a DUI defense attorney in Texas that has a track record of good results and will help defend your rights. Once you’re arrested, it’s your constitutional right to speak to an attorney (legally known as the Right to Counsel). If this right is denied, the entire case will be thrown away.

Gather all your evidence

A strong defense will have strong evidence, so make sure to gather all the evidence that will support your case as soon as you can. Things like the police tape and blood testing procedure can have an impact on the final charges, whether for or against you. Make sure your attorney is well-versed in the use of evidence in a defense case and has a history of success in these types of cases.

Present a quick plea

Oftentimes, if you read your plea case out quickly and concisely, it can help avoid more serious charges. It’s often more beneficial to plead guilty and accept lesser charges than to fight against all charges, which can lead to more serious repercussions if ultimately charged guilty.

Make sure you hire ONE attorney!

Be aware that some law firms or offices will assign multiple attorneys to your case. You might be talking to a different attorney each time you go into the office, and have someone new representing you in court. You may even be working with a green attorney who has never worked on a DUI case before. Make sure that the attorney you start with is experienced with these kinds of cases and is the same one who will be standing up with you in court. You might pay more, but it will ultimately be worth it to reduce your charges.

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