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  • Austin PD captured fake ID manufacturers

    In a bid to cut down on underage drinking in a city with a large population of college students and an active nightlife, the Austin Police Department started a project targeting underage drinkers who use fake ID cards, KXAN reported on April 29.

    In the process, APD was able to cite over 120 minors who attempted to use fake IDs to get into clubs downtown.

    The police garnered enough information to sniff out one source of these fake IDs, and their investigation led them to 19-year-old Nisheet Dabadge and 20-year-old Raul Montano, who were both charged with tampering with a government document–a third degree felony in the state.

    The minors who were caught with fake IDs were charged with misrepresentation, which is a class C misdemeanor.

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