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  • Texas study may contribute to juvenile criminal justice reform

    “Closer to Home”, a massive study of 1.3 million Texas youth crime records between 2007 and 2013, found that juvenile offenders were less likely to commit more crimes if they were reformed under community-based supervision rather than incarcerated in state correctional facilities, according to the Dallas Morning News on June 22.

    The study found that such a path could forge a way towards juvenile criminal justice reform in the state, according to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and state justice officials; however, there will be many challenges in the process of implementing this data into effective policy.

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  • Decision awaits on whether to try murder suspect as juvenile or adult

    The future of a 14-year-old girl, who has been accused of drowning the infant daughter of her mother’s family friend, will depend greatly on whether she is tried as a juvenile or an adult, The Dallas Morning News reported on April 10.

    Texas District Judge Cheryl Lee Shannon recently heard arguments on whether the teenager, who was arrested in January 2015 for the death of Justice Hull, should be tried as a juvenile or an adult.

    If the court decided that the girl should be tried as an adult and if she is also found guilty of capital murder, she may receive life imprisonment in an adult jail. If she is deemed a juvenile and convicted through that system, she may be able to experience intensive programs that could allow her a chance at rehabilitation and freedom.

    Travis County Judge Darlene Byrne, who is the elected president of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, said this decision is always extremely difficult, as the needs of society are weighed against the needs of the young person in question.

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  • “Juveniles in justice system deserve a second chance”

    Advocates of juvenile justice are pushing for reform in the way minors are treated in the criminal justice system in Texas, according to an editorial on victoriaadvocate.com.

    Experts are urging a rehabilitation program be established for juveniles in order for them to once again become productive members of society after having been exposed to crime. They go on to say that it is detrimental for that population to be placed within exposure of hardened adult criminals.

    In its January report, the Texas House committee on criminal jurisprudence speculated that the 34% increase in felony rearrests for youths who were transferred to the adult system may have been due to the fact that young people internalize feelings of their identities as criminals. This occurrence spurred State Representative Gene Wu (Democrat of Houston), to craft a bill that seeks to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 18. The committee report cited other states that have already raised the age of criminal responsibility to 18, including Illinois, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Mississippi, and New Hampshire.

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