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  • $10,000 reward for wanted Texas fugitive

    Thirty-three-year-old Israel Aguirre, who has earlier been arrested for murder, prostitution, theft, and failure to ID, now has the reward money for his capture increased to $10,000.

    Aguirre had been convicted of a theft charge in 2002 and had been incarcerated at a Texas Department of Criminal Justice facility. He was deported to Mexico after completing his sentence before being charged with murder.

    In 2005, Aguirre made a no contest plea to charges of prostitution and failure to ID in Dallas and was released on bond in relation to his murder charge. He appeared in court a couple of times between the years 2005 and 2007 before disappearing.

    The Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office issued a warrant for Aguirre’s arrest on Sept. 9, 2007. It is believed that the suspect frequents the Dallas area.

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  • Texas man sentenced to probation after accidental shooting

    On Monday, February 3 District Court Judge Bobby Flores sentenced Dustin Wesley Cook, 38, to 3 years of probation for the accidental shooting of 2 Edinburg teenagers.

    The incident happened in December of 2011 when stray bullets from Cook’s target practice hit Nicholas Tijerina and Edson Amaro. The two students were outdoors playing basketball at the time of the shooting.

    Throughout the trial, Cook maintained that he had not been criminally negligent. The families of both victims have pending civil lawsuits against Cook.

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