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  • Capital murder conviction for shooting of policeman and shop owner

    A 12-member jury composed of nine men and three women voted the death sentence for Harlem Harold Lewis III, 21, who was charged with killing 53-year-old Bellaire, Texas policeman Corporal Jimmie Norman and 66-year-old shop owner Terry Taylor in 2012, Click2Houston.com reported on August 6.

    The jury members deliberated for 12 hours on the decision, considering the testimony from the prosecution and the defense in regards to the fatal shooting that happened on Christmas Eve 2012. In an unanimous decision, the jurors voted that Lewis was guilty of capital murder. The case will automatically be appealed.

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  • Judge refuses to re-consider competency of convicted Texas murderer

    Fifty-three-year-old convicted murderer Kenneth Wayne Thomas, who was imprisoned for killing a couple in Dallas in 1986, has been rejected for another competency trial by a Dallas judge, and his punishment for capital murder resumed, The Dallas Morning News reported on July 14.

    Thomas received a death sentence in 1987 for murdering Fred and Mildred Finch, an attorney and a school teacher, in their South Dallas house during a burglary.

    In 2010, Thomas was ruled by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to be unfit for trial because he had an IQ of 70. However, a jury declared last week that Thomas was competent to stand trial.

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