Dallas Juvenile Crimes Attorney

Being convicted of any criminal offense can have long-lasting effects on any individual’s life, but juveniles face very unique circumstances if they are accused of committing a crime. Being convicted of a juvenile offense has the potential to result in a number of court-ordered penalties that can have an effect on every aspect of a young person’s life, and can continue to affect them for years to come.

Even after a juvenile offender has completed any court-ordered penalties, they may find that, with a crime on their record, they are unable to find employment, find a place to live, or further their education. At the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, our legal team understands how juveniles in Dallas may be affected when they are denied these opportunities so early in life and the disadvantage it can place a juvenile at, even years and decades to come. As such, having a skilled and aggressive defense attorney can be critical to protecting not only a juvenile’s rights, but also his or her future.

Common Juvenile Crimes

There are a variety of criminal offenses that youths may find themselves accused of, and these range significantly in the severity of the crime and any punishments associated with a conviction. However, a conviction of any criminal charge, no matter how seemingly minor, can have dramatic effects on a young person’s life and as such, it is important to have experienced legal defense when facing the following charges:

Some families make the mistake of not fighting criminal charges, and instead paying a fine for their child’s crimes, hoping that these offenses will be forgotten in time. This mistake is a significant one, as far too often these offenses are not forgotten or overlooked, but rather continue to affect an individual well into their adult years.

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