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  • Texas inmate receives stay of execution in death penalty case

    The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Friday, August 19 granted a stay of execution for 43-year-old Jeffrey Wood, who was involved in a robbery killing 20 years ago.

    In 1996, 22-year-old Wood sat in a pickup truck outside a gas station as he waited for his friend, Daniel Reneau, to carry out a plan to rob the store. However, once inside, Reneau killed the store clerk. Because of the Texas statute commonly referred to as the “law of parties”, Wood, as a conspirator to Reneau, was guilty of all felonies committed by Reneau, even if he was himself unaware it would happen.

    Wood received a stay of execution after the court ruled that his attorney needed more time to argue that Wood’s learning disability and low IQ affected his ability to make sense of actions and words.

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  • Judge refuses to re-consider competency of convicted Texas murderer

    Fifty-three-year-old convicted murderer Kenneth Wayne Thomas, who was imprisoned for killing a couple in Dallas in 1986, has been rejected for another competency trial by a Dallas judge, and his punishment for capital murder resumed, The Dallas Morning News reported on July 14.

    Thomas received a death sentence in 1987 for murdering Fred and Mildred Finch, an attorney and a school teacher, in their South Dallas house during a burglary.

    In 2010, Thomas was ruled by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to be unfit for trial because he had an IQ of 70. However, a jury declared last week that Thomas was competent to stand trial.

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  • Last minute postponement of Texas execution

    Forty-one-year-old convicted killer Robert James Campbell would have been the first executed by lethal injection after a botched execution in Oklahoma, but Campbell lived to see another day after the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily halted his scheduled execution on grounds that he could be mentally impaired, The Dallas Morning News reported on May 13.

    Campbell’s attorneys made the appeal suggesting the mental impairment of Campbell had not been given the chance to be sufficiently proved. IQ tests done by the state upon Campbell’s earlier incarceration were never released. Mental retardation is considered 70 on the IQ scale, and Campbell tested at 71 and 69 on two different occasions.

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