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  • Judge denies plea deals for those charged with assaults to police officers

    Galveston County Judge Kerry Neves made a public declaration and order on Monday, July 18 that he plans to reject plea deals in cases that involve assaults and threats to police officers. He will only waver, he says, if there is compelling evidence to grant one. By compelling evidence, he means the officers involved in the case must be okay with the plea deal and the defendant must write a public and sincere apology to the police officers in the case.

    The order would also cover cases involving evading or resisting arrest, escaping and aiding escape, failing to identify, interfering with public duties, interfering with police service animals, attempting to take an officer’s weapon, and possessing banned items in a correctional facility. Galveston County District Attorney Jack Roady said in an interview with local news station KTRK that the order would not disqualify Neves from presiding “as long as he’s willing to look at the facts of each case and consider the full range of punishment.”

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  • Wal-Mart employee arrested for assault

    Police Chief James Waters of the Princeton Police Department reported that 20-year-old Wal-Mart employee Nicolas Martinez was arrested and charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. The charges come after a serious stabbing incident, which occurred around 4 p.m. on Wednesday, July 13.

    Waters identified one of the victims as George Wesley Cook, an off-duty battalion chief firefighter with the McKinney Fire Department in Collin County. Cook, who was slashed across the throat, was apparently seen giving aid to another stabbing victim while blood was coming out of his own neck. The firefighter is in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. Wal-Mart commented that, “the associate who did this was arrested and his employment at our store was immediately terminated.”

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  • Texas beauty queen gets stripped of crown due to aggravated assault, DUI charges

    The first-ever Miss Corpus Christina Latina, Caitlin Cifuentes, lost her title this second week of July after pageant participants she was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and driving while intoxicated.

    Six contestants sued Kayla Alvarez, the pageant’s local director, claiming Alvarez knew of Cifuentes’ record but still allowed her to participate in the pageant, stating “Kayla Alvarez willfully and knowingly violated countless terms of the contractual agreement by allowing Caitlin Cifuentes to participate in and ultimately win the pageant.”

    In defense of her action, Alvarez, who is in her first year as pageant director, told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, “Just because you have a bad background…doesn’t mean that should hold you back from accomplishing your goals. She’s worked very hard and the judges saw that and she won fair and square.”

    However, Organization of Miss America Latina, Inc. founder and president Acirema Alayeto said Cifuentes should have been disqualified from the competition weeks ago.The title of Miss Corpus Christi Latina was transferred to Valeria Barrera, who is one of the women who filed a lawsuit against Alvarez.

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  • Former Dallas Cowboys football special teams player C. J. Spillman found guilty of sexual assault

    Thirty-year-old former Dallas Cowboys football special teams player Claude Norman “C. J.” Spillman, Jr. was found guilty of sexual assault by a jury in Tarrant County, Texas in less than two hours on Thursday, June 30. He was sentenced to five years in prison the Friday after the trial.

    According to Jordan, Spillman invited a woman he met in another city to meet with him in Dallas soon after he signed with the Cowboys in September 2014. Spillman and the woman, whose name had not been broadcast publicly, reportedly went to the Gaylord Texan Resorts and Convention Center where Spillman had been temporarily staying.

    A report from the Grapevine Police Department showed that the incident allegedly took place on Sept. 20, 2014, between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m.

    Spillman avoided being interviewed by the press after news of the sexual assault investigation became public.

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  • $93M in Texas taxpayer money has gone to wrongful convictions

    The state of Texas has given restitution to 101 men and women who were wrongfully convicted of and wrongfully incarcerated for committing crimes. The total compensation has amounted to $93.6 million over the last 25 years, data from the state comptroller’s office showed. This amount is bound to rise as the wrongfully imprisoned individuals get older and more people become wrongfully imprisoned.

    According to The Innocence Project, a non-profit legal organization aimed at exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals through DNA tests, Texas’ compensation program is among the most generous in the United States. Some states have no compensation programs or put a ceiling on the amount that an exoneree is allowed to receive. The Texas compensation program was made possible by the 2009 Tim Cole Act, which was named after a Texas Tech University student wrongfully convicted of aggravated sexual assault in 1985.

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  • Mark Lassiter Explains Texas Gun Laws to

    Dallas gun crime attorney Mark T. Lassiter was tapped by Colorado sports website about possible charges faced by Aqib Talib of the Denver Broncos.

    Talib was shot in the right leg on June 5th. The location of the shooting is disputed. The official police report indicates that Talib and two other individuals were assaulted and injured at Dallas’s V Live nightclub, but there are differing accounts of what happened. WFAA-TV reported that Talib’s story is that he was shot in a park, miles away from the club. Additionally, Talib is said to have shot himself. The bullet’s path through the rear of Talib’s right thigh through his right calf is consistent with that interpretation.

    If the wound was in fact self-inflicted, Talib could be facing gun charges in Dallas. Mark Lassiter weighed in on what these charges might be for Depending on whether or or not he had a CCL, he could be charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. The accidental shooting incident could lead to a Class A misdemeanor. However, if Talib is found to have intentionally brought a firearm into a place where they are prohibited, such as the V Live nightclub, he could be facing a third degree felony charge. In the article, Lassiter points out a potential defense for a gun charge under similar circumstances.

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  • Court says no to testing where blood is drawn after DWI arrest

    The Fifth Court of Appeals in Dallas reversed Dallas County Judge Nancy Mulder’s decision that allows the examination of a chair and room for diseases at the Dallas County jail. The chair in question is where blood is drawn from people who have been arrested for DWI charges. The ruling argued that the tests were not necessary to the case of Joshua Barton, who is represented by Attorney Mark Lassiter.

    In the opinion penned by Chief Justice Carolyn Wright, she said, “He presented no evidence he actually suffered illness that in some way could be linked to the blood test.” In April 2016, Mulder granted an order to test for diseases after criminal defense attorneys made the motion that the room was not sanitary and was in violation of Texas law. The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office asked the appeals court to overturn Mulder’s decision.

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  • Mark Lassiter to appeal to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on behalf of client

    Mark Lassiter recently spoke to Jennifer Emily of The Dallas Morning News’s Crime Blog about appealing to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals over a ruling made by the 5th Court of Appeals in Dallas. The 5th Court of Appeals overturned a decision previously made by criminal court Judge Nancy Mulder, who granted an order to test for diseases in the room where blood is drawn at the Dallas County Jail.

    Lassiter’s client was charged with misdemeanor DUI in February of 2015. After Mark Lassiter argued that the room and chair that was used to draw blood from his client was not sanitary, Mulder granted an order to test for diseases. However, in the 5th Court of Appeals, Chief Justice Carolyn Wright overturned Mulder’s order citing that Lassiter’s client did not get sick after having his blood drawn.

    In response to Wright’s decision, Lassiter told the Crime Blog, “At the end of the day, they’re saying that because my guy didn’t get sick, we shouldn’t have access for the testing.” He added “They’re saying we should wait until someone gets some horrific disease: strep, hepatitis, AIDS …”

    One of the major issues the 5th Court of Appeals took with Lassiter’s case was what it perceived as a lack of evidence that his client’s health had been affected or that the room where the blood was drawn was unsanitary. Lassiter told the Crime Blog that Mulder is best suited to determine what evidence is necessary in her court, not the more distant 5th Court of Appeals.

    Lassiter is certainly not the first to call the blood-draw methods of law enforcement into question. In fact, former State District Judge John Creuzot threw out a case involving a Dallas police officer over concerns about sanitation. In that case, the officer that oversaw the blood-draw rooms testified that he did not believe that the rooms in question were clean.

  • Assault charges dismissed against Houston doctor

    The assault charges filed against 49-year-old Dr. Rafael Lugo have been dropped.  Lugo was serving at Houston Methodist Hospital and Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, both in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, when a Montgomery County grand jury refused to indict him last Tuesday, May 31.

    Lugo was charged in December 2015 with assault of a family member – a felony – for allegedly breaking the finger of his former girlfriend, former KHOU news anchor Christine Haas, as he was preventing her from leaving his home. Haas underwent surgery to repair the damage. Lugo originally claimed he did not break Haas’ finger, and that she got the injury from slamming her finger in the door. The grand jury agreed that it was not Lugo’s intention to break Haas’ finger, and that the result was accidental.

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  • Fake weapons being used to commit crimes in Texas

    Police Lieutenant Christopher Cook of the Arlington Police Department said that police officers in his precinct have witnessed the trend of suspects in crimes intentionally carrying imitation weapons, such as BB guns, rather than the authentic machinery.

    Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association member Jon Convery said that there have not been many court cases involving criminal behavior using a fake gun, but he contended that since there are a lot of residents in Texas who are registered to carry handguns, it is a dangerous business to commit a crime using any weapon, fake or real. Some states, such as New York, have banned the sale of fake weapons online, while others have imposed stiffer restrictions on how realistic they can look.

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